August 12, 2012

The Amazing Printing Printer

I've been on a blogging roll and I'm not sure if it'll continue til next week. We have school tomorrow and basically life will return to normal now. Well as normal as high school can be he he. It's such a shame that I only got my painting juju back this weekend and not earlier huhu I'll miss painting in front of my window with the sunlight pouring in, with good music playing, the Olympics on mute in the background, my mind elsewhere just my hand working. Working on my art project (wherein we had to make artworks from the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance periods and the Dark ages) has rekindled my passion for art. And now I'm itching to go museum hopping. I hope I can go soon. 

To keep me grounded however on my academics and other serious-y school stuff. Here's my printer..printing.

  My Printer Printing by Gab Mesina


  1. Cute post! I hope you do well in school love! I love you and your blog. You are precious! Following!
    It would mean so much if you could check out my latest post!

    1. Thank you so much, Morgan! :D

  2. Hi Gab, this is Ryan, formerly of geekofalltrades. I saw your post about the sketch sessions in the fort, and unfortunately they haven't set up a new one in quite some time. I'm hopeful that others will pick up where they left off.

    In the meantime you might want to try out the local Doctor Sketchy's. It's live drawing as well, but it's usually in costume, there's an entrance fee, and there's a slight goth/baroque/steampunk vibe to it. If that's your thing, check them out:

    1. I hope they set up one soon huhu. Thank you so much, I checked out the page and it looks fun! Hehe will definitely try it :)

  3. This is such a great pic! love it :D love anything colorful really

    following ur blog girl!

  4. Super post!J'aime beaucoup!Bisous:)
    Angela Donava


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