August 31, 2012

Converse Philippines & Manila Science High School

Converse Philippines & Manila Science High School. I never thought I'd see those words together but I guess my school just has a lot of surprises up its proverbial sleeve. 

5 students were tapped by Converse Philippines to paint murals outside our school to advertise their Just Add Color thing. I don't know, I found it really nice that Manila Science High School has been given this opportunity to show the world (or our part of the world at least) (and by world I mean Padre Faura hehe) that we can be artistic too. 

Artists in motion. They give you their devotion~

I really like this photo haha

by Lea Anne Rulloda

by Mikes Jetigan

This shade of purple makes me think of cupcakes huhu ergo it makes me hungry 

by John Ryan Rebadavia

by Vanessa Shane Develos

by Patricia San Luis
School is cool. All this talk about my school has got my school spirit up and soaring hehe. Really proud to be a MaScian; good job guys!

$$$ Also if you wanna help out the or if you wanna be updated with the happenings art-wise concerning the Manila Science High School Young Artists' Guild, please like our fanpage hehehehe! $$$

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  1. Such a great time for art in Masci. Too bad we weren't given much exposure to arts in our time. I would kill to get a chance such as this. (I sound old, wtf.) :))


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