August 10, 2012

Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

Sa mala-postcard na bayan ng Lucban, Quezon, may isang batang anak ng puliswoman na nangangangalang Remington ang malakas manlaglag ng mga bading, hayag man o tago. Sa isang sementeryo, isang bading na may magic powers and nagsumpa sa kanya na magiging bading din siya pag dating ng araw. Lumipas ang taon at nalalapit niyang ika 21st berday, nagsimula na ang kababalaghan at pagbabagong anyo ng katauhan. Kasabay rin nito ang mga misteryosong pagkakapaslang ng mga kabadingan sa lugar nila.

The movie gave off such a Rocky Horror -esque vibe
    When this movie first came out (of the closet?) a year ago, I itched to go see it. But due to reasons unknown, I never had the chance to catch it in the cinemas. The poster just had me falling in love at first sight! I really like the colors and the fact that they made it seem like one of those old Tagalog hand painted movie posters is definitely a plus. And it's about zombies, need I say more?

      I only went to ruins yesterday to accompany my sister and to go look for Magic Mike. Since Magic Mike is still not yet dvd copy, I decided to buy any gross horror movie instead. I was browsing through the dvds when Ang Babae sa Septic Tank caught my eye. All I know is that it's an indie film and that it has won awards. Thinking about semi-old indie films, Zombadings came to my mind. I asked the girl if they had it and she said yes while trying to hold in her laughter. I asked her if it's any good and she said yeah (quite reluctantly). I asked her again, 'Baduy ba?' and.....................she nodded minutely. I still bought it tho to quench my curiosity and after cancelled plans, watched it today yay.

       The movie was so adorable!!!!!! It was so funny too! The first thing that came to my mind was the quality. The movie was so rich and so creamy and just downright pretty. I am a total sucker when pretty is mixed with gore hehe. Anyhoo, I definitely enjoyed watching it even though there were parts when the Bekimon got a bit too confusing hahaha but keribels. There were some scenes that had me squealing in uneasiness hehe but I'd end up laughing still. The actors were good and the message was SO THERE.

       Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington is such a nice/funny/cute/good movie. I really don't know why the girl who sold it to me called it baduy hehehe.

Hey by the way, does anybody know if THIS still applies? Hehe.

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