August 6, 2012


1. i seriously wanna go to a legit costume party
2. if your friend says she's hosting a costume party no matter how lame you think itll be or how super amazing like this is gonna be the start of something new kind of cool itll be, DRESS TO IMPRESS; no half-assing allowed!
3. id like to say thank you to the people i can easily call up and say hey come over to my house or hey ill go to your house, you guys are making my whole american-living-in-the-same-suburb dream come true
4. i wanna start a zombie club for realsies
5. do clubs even exist these days? not the dance dance drink drink kind
6. hey! if youre interested in something like really interested and you wanna be surrounded by people who are also interested, PLEASE DONT BE SHY!
7. i believe i am now in the apex of my adolescence
8. there are only some people who have the same humor as i do; if i always say 'YEAH' or 'OMG YEAH' we be humor soul mates
9. a tweet favorited makes me feel like im so funny; a tweet RETWEETED on the other hand makes me feel like i have millions of minions all laughing at my impeccable wit
10. hey are you feeling down? go on youtube NOW! type in 'jacuzzi accident', click the first vid. enjoyyyyyyy

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