August 20, 2012

Cyber Hallowienerschnitzel

I love halloween but I really don't do anything to consummate my love for the holiday except to daydream and fantasize about costumes. I don't go trick or treating anymore. I used to when I was a kid but our old neighborhood wasn't too keen in celebrating so instead of candy, I usually got money hehe. I used to sulk when I was a kid because I seriously wanted candy but now the thought of getting money just by dressing up sounds so goooood. Anyhoo, I've always dreamed of going to a legit costume party with everyone all decked out in creepy/funny/amazing costumes as in strictly no half-assing allowed. 

If ever no party would surface in time for this year's halloween, I'd have to settle for my cyber-halloween partying. And since it would only be through the internet, I'd have heaps of 'costume' changes hehe. So, if you're like me, just dying to dress up weirdly with the excuse that you're going trick or treating or to a halloween party, with no plans of making those dreams come true, here are some ways you could annoy the crap out of your Instagram followers.  

Put on make up, sit in a corner of your room, gaze mysteriously into your camera and let a teensy weensy smirk creep in your face. Plus points for messy hair!

Go crazy with the back light feature in Photoscape and you'll get Jersey Shore-d fo sho

Pretend you just got run over by...something and pretend youre in pain

Be an egg head

Be a swirly faced ghost or like me, be a swirly faced ghost thats all 'ohmahgah im dead?'

Be a mysterious (hence you can only see the eyes) middle aged woman that has a thing for animal prints and younger men..................................
You can tuck your upper lip in and pretend to be a turtle or an animal that has no upper lip
If all else fails, do this!

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