August 6, 2012

The Walking Dead Board Game

My friend Twinkle's aunt just arrived from the US and she brought with her two versions of The Walking Dead board games! I bought the comic version one hehe and I finally got my hands on it today. I commuted to my house since classes got suspended right after our exams (yay) and man was my mind preoccupied with thoughts of the board game hehe. 

Tons of zombies

I haven't really played it yet but I think I've gotten the gist on how it goes. Unbeknownst to you guys, I used to collect board games. Not like a ton of Monopoly's tho, I only had a thing for the super simple cartoon character-based board games that were for sale at National Bookstore. They were only for around P80 I think or was I too young to remember correctly? Haha! I used to have Kim Possible ones, Disney Princesses and other cartoon board games and now it seems they've all disappeared huhu. So yeah, sort of bringing back my childhood with this board game hihi. It felt really nice to know that I can add something to my collection of zombie-related stuff...I hope I can get my hands on those nifty Zombie Tarot Cards soon.......


  1. WOW! I want this! Is this not available here?

    1. I haven't seen any here in the Philippines. I hope they ship some soon tho!


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