August 3, 2012

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

We had part of our exams this week. We still have 4 more tests on Monday. This is because of the really weird suspension that was announced last Wednesday. Anyhoo, since we only had school til 11am, 1-7 (Jazz, me, Chloie, Pau, Nona, Dana and Twinkle) decided to film some more for the Physics project.


Russ and Twinkle
Nona, Chloie, Jazz

Group picture hehehehehe

Another one hehehehehe
 We changed out of our uniforms in school, Twinkle and I stopped over at my dad's office first to drop off her laptop, met up with the rest of the girls in the mall and had lunch. I finally satisfied my insane craving for pizza yay.

After lunch and debating whether to go bowling or not, we decided to focus on the branch of Physics that is Acoustics and played rock band. But before that while waiting for our turn since we got booked at 1:30pm at the gaming place, we troubled the people of Toys R Us with our presence.


We had so much fun inside the store! The employees started to get suspicious tho and began to lurk so I paid for my Trash Pack and Play Dough then we got away from there as fast as possible hehe.

It's quite difficult trying to fit 7 people in one picture.................................................

Yay finally complete!
 We goofed around like CRAZY. These girls are just........................crazy. I really can't think of any other adjective than that. Our eardrums were so abused and our throats sore from all the singing and plain shouting that we did. We took turns in using the instruments and whoever was free would film the rest. 

The Singing Spirit of Nona

Bea joined us after a while hehe hi Bea!

Chloie reaaaaaaaaaally loves to play HAHAHA
We shot a buttload of videos after playing. I was almost expecting a bunch of burly security guards to approach us and escort us out of the mall or something. We danced in public, Roger Rabbit-ed and a whole lot of other embarrassing stuff huhu. I had such a good time with these guys. Definitely a good way to semi-end the first periodic exams as well as a splendid way to start a weekend over flowing with plans of project making!

Here's a fly that's doing the whole evil hand rubbing thing!

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