August 19, 2012

Food Food Food

This weekend has had me breaking my rules and forcing me to eat like there's no tomorrow! Last Friday, we went to Molito and ate at Cafe Juanita. It was such a quaint but lovely place. It had lots of scarves and those old capiz shell windows a la Bahay ni Lola.

Hehe my dad

We ordered the Chicken Mozzarella, Beef Caldereta and the Sisig with the tofu. We all had parties in our tummy tum!!! The food was so good. I particularly loved the chicken mozzarella. The cheese seriously oozed when I cut into the chicken and the pesto was just foodgasmic. 

Last Sunday, after dropping my friends off, my sister wanted to eat so we stopped over at the small Smokey's/Fruits in Ice Cream place inside BF. It was so cozy and so peaceful since we went there during the dullest part of the day so we had the place all to ourselves save for the adorable father and son duo that kept coming back for more ice cream heehee.




Strawberry Cheesecake

Vigan Empanada from the empanada store right next door!
We went home, I took a long ass nap and we heard mass. After hearing mass tho, we had dinner in this Little Chinatown thingy that we checked out before going home from Smokey's/FIC. They went there to see if they had those tikoy rolls they've been raving about. Turns out they didn't but my dad liked the place so we had dinner there.

Taro Mochi!!!!!!

Fresh Chinese Lumpia
Some soup that I forgot what its called
The place was so oriental! The left side was a convenience store filled with stuff from China.

The right side however, looked like this

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  1. You should try the cassava cake in Cafe Juanita. It's really good! :)


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