May 30, 2012

Art Smart: Mother Monster's Very Eccentric Uncle

At first glance they freaked me out big time. At second glance they reminded me of the creepy bald thing from Pan's Labyrinth with the eyeball encrusted hands. At third glance I found them oddly pretty and just had to let other people know about the genius that is Olivier de Sagazan. 

I still don't possess much knowledge about him and his works but I do know that they are very very intriguing. I thought his passion was solely for painting but I was sorely (hehe) mistaken when I stumbled upon a video of his slightly disturbing live performance. 

If you didn't watch the video, go back up and watch it! Even if you don't finish it haha. Ahhh the sounds that he makes when he struggles to breathe in and the weird stuff that he chants are just so primal that it sends a shiver down my spine! I'm still figuring out if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

If Lady Gaga is Mother Monster, I can say that Olivier de Sagazan can might as well be dubbed Mother Monster's very eccentric uncle. 

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  1. Holy this is really scary. I stopped at like 3:50, don't wanna see this anymore, really scary :OO


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