May 18, 2012


I recently found out about this site called SVPPLY because of a blog I was reading. She was talking about how cool the site was and how often it made her covet. Thinking that she must be right about the whole thing, I decided to check it out for myself. SVPPLY blew my mind. Joke, it was okay. Its really nice tho, you can see a wide variety of stuff ranging from clothes to kitchenware. Browsing through the website gave me the odd feeling that it somehow looked like a hybrid between Weheartit and Polyvore. Needless to say, I killed a few hours just scrolling down and being awed by the pretty pretty stuff.

clockwise from the bottom left: Eye ring, Raccoon top, Open Ceremony dress, Triangle undergarments, Gameboy watch!

clockwise from bottom left: Marijuana Vans, Eyeball rings, weird gold cube-y ring, Dopium Bunker shorts, vintage turquoise Jansport backpack 

clockwise from upper left: Rainbow dyed silk top, Ron Swanson keychain, snake skin shirt, Chup Cowichan socks, vintage watercolor shirt, psychedelic bear jumper

clockwise from lower left: pure black Vans, zombie lips artwork, toxic drip bracelet, Box-O-Zombies action figures, animal felt masks, Homework leather pencil cases

clockwise from left: some cutesy velvet shoes, raccoon pillow, zombie slippers, raccoon plush toy, velvet trooper hat and a maroon bustier
It was fun to look at stuff for a while but the high prices kept bothering me and it kind of fried my brain trying to convert everything from USD to PHP. Good news tho, some items are from Etsy and they're probably the cheapest from the range of items. So anyhoo, if you're bored and in dire need of something pretty to look at, go check out SVPPLY!

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