May 19, 2012

Ultimate Feel Good Day

This year was supposed to be the 3rd year that my mum and I will join Takbo Para Kay Kristo. Due to my dental woes, my mum was the only one who registered for the run. It was supposed to be my first ever 10k run but then the surgery happened and the days leading to the run was spent by me looking like hell and totally not fit to run. Today however, I was contemplating whether I should join as a bandit runner or whatever haha. In the end tho, I didn't join. Instead, my dad, my nephew Tiantian and I headed to the nearby mall while waiting for my mum to finish.

It's my mum's first ever night run!

This is my dad

That's how he looked while taking pictures hahahaha

My mum!

Im getting some serious 'The Mist' vibes hereeeeeeeeee

The PA system was announcing that registration was still open...I was so tempted but I was wearing my chucks huhuhuh
 We killed time at Festival. Looking for a place that could develop my pictures in an hour was futile. The swiftest they could do was 1 week erghhhh. So my dad and Tiantian ate a bit while I tried in vain to look for any issue of SFX while I was at Book Sale.

After eating, we headed to Octagon to buy a printer. Haha its so weird! We spent a few minutes installing our new printer and ta-da we were done. We went our separate ways after our time in Octagon. My dad went to Ace Hardware while Tiantian went to X-Site. I on the other hand visited my favorite shops hehe. It's too bad they were so far from each other. I went to Astrovision, Odyssey, National Bookstore, Power Books and other random stores that caught my eye. 

I really love this photo <3

After barely an hour, the three of us met up at Power Books since it was my dad's landmark as to where we parked our car. After a drought of new books, I finally bought myself a new book! It's called Zombiesque and it features 16 stories by different authors that revolve around how life would look like in the eyes of a flesh eating ghoul hehe. 

That's how the rest of my Saturday went. I must say after a week of my self-proclaimed house arrest, it really feels good to be around people again hehe.

P.S. Good news!!!! I can smile again!! I've had a hard time smiling after the surgery because the wound would still be too tender that I couldnt lift my upper lip, but now that it's quite okay, I can smile again. Maaaan it feels good to not feel like such a grouch anymore!

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