May 19, 2012

He She It

I was supposed to paint yesterday but then the urge to bake won so I left my materials in the living room all night. The next morning, I woke up to find the said stuff on top of my desk. After reading a few things in the internet and going out with my camera to take some pictures, I came back to my room with the clean canvas tempting me to use it. Since I was barely in the mood to paint, I just decided to resort to my go-to 'signature'. Meh I dont know what to call it but I just realized I have a ton of drawings, sketches and paintings that feature nose, eyes without the pupils and sometimes a mouth. I haven't done it on a canvas before so I bit the bullet and hastily started sketching.

I tried to use my Winsor and Newton paint set but it was too....runny? I gave up, wiped the canvas down and thought of using some spare oil paint that I had but quickly pushed the thought aside because my oil paints consisted of the most unappealing colors in my opinion. Instead, I got my sister's acrylic paints.

Dunno if its a he or a she

The lips are bothering me, I swear. They reminded me so much of Alexander McQueen's clown fashion show thingy

Really not liking how it turned out......I dunno if Ill try to fix it in the future hehe

Even the painting's crying :(

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  1. Patrick JunioJuly 03, 2012

    gotta see this in person!!


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