May 30, 2012

Are U 'Kay?

Ukay-ukays are basically huge warehouses filled with used clothes that are up for sale for only such small prices. They have been the center of some Filipino horror movies. Movies wherein the heroine would buy an old lace-y dress or a handbag without knowing that the previous owner had been murdered while donning the said stuff and they're back to haunt the buyer hehe. 

But anyway, last week my sister and I went ukay-ukay hopping! With our maids' advice fresh in our minds, we set forth to Southland and from then on, kept heading west til we reached Toyota which is quite far from Southland if you're on foot. On our mini adventure, we discovered 12 stores!! With only a budget below P1000, all in all we bought around 12 garments! I was so tired when we got home that after trying the clothes on and taking a long shower, I fell asleep for 17 hours straight. The next day, it was obvious that we were still quite hungover because instead of trying to watch Men In Black 3, we left the mall and had a mini ukay adventure again!

After going on about it on twitter, Kigia, Steph, Jhis and I planned on squeezing a hang out before school starts for me and going on an ukay spree! Unfortunately Jhis couldn't come so it was only me, Kigia, Steph, and her cousin Dustin. They arrived early this morning and I was fresh out of bed hahaha what is embarrassing! After breakfast and Kigia's very productive initiation (which included a bunch of shock vids and stuff) and the regaling of ghost stories, we went to Southland for our ukay trip!

So in a nutshell, it was too hot to really concentrate so we just decided to hang out at the mall and go see Men In Black 3! The movie was so darn good. Although I can classify it as torrentable, it still is funny and very very very the people I hung out with today HAHA.

I really like this photo!

l-r. Dustin, Steph, Kigia, me


Thank you for making my interactive diary dreams come true! ♥