May 17, 2012

The Sedentary Lifestyle

Last Monday, I went to the dentist to get braces and to have an excess portion of my gums removed. It was pretty uneventful save for the times that she'd put on the molar ring thingies which hurt so badly and because of the anesthesia, I didn't feel anything while she was hacking off my gums. The unbearable pain hit me about an hour after I got home when the anesthesia finally wore off. I couldn't open my mouth fully, wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything hot for 48 hours, couldn't really smile without feeling like my mouth was gonna be ripped apart and I couldn't chew or bite anything.

Yogurt that I tried to like.....

I liked the color tho hohoho
Tuesday was painful, I had a fitful sleep because the pain kept on waking me up so I was pretty crabby the whole day huhu. 

Wednesday, I went back to the dentist to get my splint which looks like a retainer. I was told to use it until I get braces for my lower teeth next Tuesday. The application didnt hurt much, but I almost died when she applied this antiseptic thingy to my wound and maaaaan was it painful. Good thing about that day tho was I asked my dentist if she could give me a better painkiller since I was pretty much immune to Biogesic. She suggested Tramal since it doesnt have both Ibuprofen and Mefanamic. It's way expensive but my mum's officemate told her that it seriously works and it could knock you out. I was ecstatic! I prepped for bed and popped 1 Tramal and watched Dawn of the Dead (2004) with my nephew and my sister. Halfway through the movie, I was feeling woozy and very sleepy but I couldn't and wouldn't sleep because it's been a while since I last saw Dawn of the Dead. So I stayed up to finish the movie and woke up the next morning having an attack of the worst cramps ever. 

I felt like this
(c) Dawn of the Dead production people
I didn't expect anything remotely exciting to happen today, after my painful bout with cramps (seriously, I seemed paralyzed earlier this morning), I planned a day of catching up on my beloved TV shows. I was actually watching an episode of Misfits when our maid came inside the house with a package in her hands. I was quick to my feet, grabbed it and went to my sister's room to show her hehe. It was the package from VLM yay!!! Viva La Manika is such an amazing blog by the way, it's like the love child of a hippie catholic school girl and a French suicidal bad boy. Joke what haha I really can't describe it but anyhoo they also have an online shop by the same name which sells the most kick ass clothes and accessories. 

Arrrr I could give Capt. K'nuckles a run for his money

This is my favorite among the stuff inside the package erggghh its so pretty
I've been feeling horrible this week. With the pain and how I look because of allergic reactions and the swelling from the stitches and I terribly missed blogging. I'm just glad that a few episodes of Misfits and a package could turn my frown upside down hehe.

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