May 24, 2012

This Deserves An Out-Of-The-Box Farewell Song

Our nephew, Tiantian, is leaving tomorrow morning and so before his annual stay with us ends, we decided to throw him some sort of a farewell dinner. After our busy days, we went home, stayed a bit to watch Jennifer Lopez's super sizzling performance on Idol and headed to Le Souk. Le Souk is this Mediterranean-y restaurant inside BF that is so chill and has such delicious food.


Tian and I

My super bored/hungry dad hehe

A super bored Gab

My dad's beastly fingers

Talk about being in the wrong neighborhood......jk the little guy ordered a Yogurt shake............bleh


The little bugger who never stops playing his computer games is leaving tomorrow huhu. He's been coming over for 3 years now. We've spent summer days waddling through the uncharted waters of omegle, defeated Kraid and Mother Brain from Super Metroid and other tomfooleries. Yay I cant wait for next summer!!

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