May 4, 2012

Unofficial Fartfolio

Ever since I started painting again yesterday, I couldn't sleep without having to work on something.....again. I got the idea of drawing Krusty the Clown after I saw this ad for a brand new of episode of The Simpsons which by the way is like the best show ever. So I did a mini reminiscing and decided to draw Krusty!

I was sort of going for the stained glass look with my watercolor. Like just a few dabs and stuff, keeping it light but I made the mistake of using my black Aquarelle pencil for his pupils because as soon as I touched the wet paper, the blackness just spread out, making him look like he had a spider web on his eyeball. To do some damage control, I just outlined everything in black hoping it would very mysterious and dark albeit totally cartoon-y.

I finally took pictures of my pixie! I'm still thinking if I should call this finished or not. I'm really digging the whole minimalist thingy but I feel it's a bit lacking hmmm.

Detail shot

Further detail shot hoho
About Aquarelles. Tada! Here they are. Aquarelle is this line produced by the ever so lovely and ever so expensive (for me. Im still a bit bitter since I can never make myself buy a set of those soft pastels huhu) Derwent! I was at MOA for my 15th birthday with the familia and my sister's boyfriend Kuya Luigio when we stopped by National Bookstore and I died and went to heaven. There was a whole glass case dedicated to the teases made by Derwent. A colored pencil was priced at P36 or P46 each, I dont really remember but point is, they were all mouth watering and I wanted them all and I couldnt. Get them all I mean because theyre too darn expensive. The Inktense Blocks was for 2k!! Im still a student so whenever money comes my way, I try and split it up to appease every bit of my whims. I couldnt stomach losing all my money to Inktense Blocks or Prismacolor Pencils huhu. But anyway, I ended up buying Aquarelle for only P194 hahahaha.

They're not easy to use. Or maybe Im just not used to them but basically theyre like loaded paintbrushes encased and disguised to look like pencils. What's fun is you can dip the pencil in water and use it like a normal paintbrush. Tip tho: Never let your paper or pencil dry because it's highly annoying; one minute you have this smooth creamy color then the next you have this normal colored pencil look.

Took a picture of my very used Pocket paint set by Winsor and Newton that my parents got me for my birthday hehe

My first artwork using Aquarelle

And since my sketchpad was being a hoe and was opened widely, I took a picture of Gambie! 
It seems that I'm getting used to my painting routine again. It feels really good. As good as your congested nostril suddenly unclogging itself and you can breathe freely again :)


  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    i really enjoy reading your blogs haha gonna show this to my friends

  2. Hii thank you so much! I really mean it, it feels good to 'hear' someone say that especially about my blog which like comes from my heart and mind and all that jazz. Don't remain anonymous!! :)

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  4. Nice! I have to visit National Bookstore ASAP! :D

  5. What branch of national bookstore you see the prismacolor pencils?


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