May 5, 2012

Getting Plastered

Today was such a very dirty and messy Saturday! I woke up feeling like I got run over by a truck because of this impromptu work out that I did in the middle of the night. The first thing I saw was my sister getting all artsy and painting in the living room. My mind raced through all the things that I could occupy myself with and it settled on finally using the plaster of Paris that I bought a while back on a whim. 

I googled a bit on how to use it because I wasn't entirely sure if greasing the mold would be wise in order for me to be able to take out the plaster. All the articles I read dint mention it so I decided to forgo the whole oiling process. We also didn't have a spare glass mixing bowl since they were too wary that the plaster might not come off, so I settled on an old ice cream carton huhu.

The inside of the ice cream carton featuring the quickly drying plaster

I'm sure I was a sight to see with my stained shirt and very dusty hands.  I felt like such a chef while mixing the water and plaster haha!

I decided to finish the whole package since itd be messy to store them

This was a success! Weird tho

Another success! This is the 2nd out of the 3 experiments that survived

This failed miserably. I finally got it out of the container when bam it broke in my hands...

Another failure huhu
 I tried to paint some of the finished products using my water guns and loading them up with paint with a bit of water. Seriously felt like crying after I saw the mess I created as well as how utterly crappy they turned out. I literally washed the paint off a canvas! I finally went inside, tidied a bit and painted the stuff like a normal person. With a paint brush.

Try not to barf at this hehe

Looks oddly like well an odd pastry

Close up! It sorta looks like an alien planet...of stray paint brush hair

Btw, I might sound like..idk but I finally re-installed Itunes! Yay after I got my laptop reformatted I just couldnt bother to download it since I lost ALL my songs but I have it again yay


Because kamon, I luff dis gurl

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