May 6, 2012

Gee, You're Perry-fic!

I woke up to the news that Perry's left eye was swollen shut. I took a look at him and saw that indeed he had the whole UFC fighter black eye but it was white. At the same time, my cousin dropped by to leave his son for he's to stay here for a week or so yay. After they had breakfast, we went on to our merry ways and took Perry to the vet. Problem is, the car was with our dad at work so we had to ride the tricycle all 5 of us Perry included. I had to sit outside with my nephew and the driver huhu and did I mention it was scorching outside? 

Turns out that our little guy got something inside his eye and his tears weren't able to wash them away so his eye got all irritated. We bought this huge ass eyemo for dogs hehe. Perry's sort of okay now, he's back to being his old lazy self. Here are a bunch of pictures of Perry tho heehee.

And I said heyeyeyeayayaya, I said hey whats going on -face

Perry the cat

Perry the coat

Perry the rug

Perry the perry

Perry the shampoo model

Serious news

'Cheerio, I simply cannot stand the utter barbaric ways of such scandalous members of the canine family'


His 'im-hungry-face'

He seriously looks human here

Ice cream good

Ice cream reaaaaal gooooood

Yo dawg





Sharpay Evans-ing

Perry the mob boss

Perry the asian mob boss

Get well soon bebe!

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