May 2, 2012


Chronicle revolves around 3 average and slightly stereotypical teenage boys. One's the popular guy which everyone likes, a weirdo with a camera who gets bullied and the wallflower-ish stoner. At a party, they discover a mysterious hole and after exploring said hole, develop supernatural powers. They have fun and fool around with people and learn how to strengthen their powers. One of them a bit too strong tho..

I enjoy trailer surfing on youtube. Basically, I watch and watch trailers of upcoming movies and just navigate through the related videos sidebar. I came across Chronicle some time ago and I was intrigued for realsies. My sister and I watched it while we were at our grandparents' house in the province. I really liked the whole Cloverfield-esque vibe it gave off because of the camcorder thingy style. The movie as a whole was good since the characters were so realistic, the scenarios were quite adorable and the plot was very strong. It only sucks cos the run time is so short! It would've been nicer if the events didnt happen so quickly and all at once. But all in all, I seriously liked Chronicle. Boyish playfulness + superhero powers + 3 good looking teenage boys + a whole lot of action = Chronicle!

*I won't link the trailer anymore since its like the whole movie's in it haha!

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