May 13, 2012


I have a terrible fear of heights. Ask me to name my fears it would be heights first then deep water. I would totally cream my pants if the two were to be combined to make a colossal fear machine especially made for Gab. I seriously am terrified of heights. This one time we were in Ilocos I think, there was this huge lighthouse that you could go up in to see the whole island from, I only got halfway through the spiral staircase and throughout the whole ordeal, I had the staircase handle in a death grip. The last time we were in Subic, my parents decided to stop by this cliff thingy, looking back I realized that it seriously wasnt that high, its just that the rocks and crashing waves daunted me. I ended up crying after they asked me to have a picture near the edge. I cried and cried and sulked and sulked huhu. 

Now ten years after, we went back to Subic and headed to the Tree Top Adventure thingy on our 2nd day. I know this post is reaaaally late but here are a few embarrassing pictures of mine to make up for it haha. 

While listening to the briefing aka description of our deaths
You get to choose from an array of packages with different combinations of 'rides' that will suit your preference. I got Package G for Gab HAHA jk I got it since it had Superman (zipline thingy). Silver Surfer (pogo stick thingy) and the Interactive Free Fall. We first tried the Silver Surfer since it seemed pretty harmless..



My legs were jello!!!! Needless to say I got a little shaky after the Silver Surfer, I swear people all the way from Manila could hear my screams
Next up was the Superman which basically is a zipline thingy where you get to pose like Superman. Big surprise tho was to find out that the guy manning the 'ride' was our old neighbor!! It was so cool. We didnt recognize him at first since he looked way different than he did before (I even had a tiny bit of a crush on him), after my parents took off, he asked us a bit of questions and when our parents arrived..BAM my dad was all 'Yeah, hey Ryan'. Hahaha too bad he got to see me flail and hold on to the ladder thingy for my dear life.
Well this picture seems awkward......................................................................

Me praying...

Still praying...

My death
Last activity for the day was the Interactive Free Fall. It's sort of like a rollercoaster with all the sudden drops that will leave your stomach 50 ft in the air. It repeats for about 4 times and maaaan did my tummy ache haha but out of the 3 it was surely the most chill and the easiest.

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