May 10, 2012

Revisiting Zoobic

I finally had my pictures from the Zoobic trip developed today. My dad called in to tell me that the pictures weren't really that good since my camera got wonky and they only recovered 21 pictures and the rest were too badly damaged. He also told me not to expect much from them. When he arrived though, I immediately went for the package! The pictures are different from my previous batch maybe the fact that I used Kodak on this set instead of Fuji. 

Everything looked vignette-y and dark even though we took them under the blazing sun. Oh welly well well, lesson learned I guess, my camera likes Fujifilm more than Kodak. Good news though, I dug through the boxes inside my closet and found our family's old Pentax camera! Pops is gonna bring it tomorrow and have it checked out and loaded with film wee. 

Meow meow


Only decent picture of me from this batch :(

Bird feeding!

Baby goats..are they called goatees? He he he

There were so many pigs in tempted to go and just grab one to take home with me


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    is your film camera the disposable type of camera? :<

  2. nope but it does look like one haha its like that minus the flash :)

  3. Is this the underwater camera? The shots are so vintagey!! Besides the quite dark photos, it's really neat hehe :D

  4. Yep and youre right they DO look vintage! Hihi thanks!!


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