May 7, 2012

Digital Summer Cleaning

My mum and dad asked me to clean my mum's laptop since it was running slower than rheumatic snails. I planned on doing it earlier today but then I had a sudden urge to be helpful so I did it last night. It was a huge pain in the neck, but it was well worth it because of all the embarrassing and weird and highly nostalgic stuff that I found. One would be the drawing above that I scanned last year and below would be the various fanfics that I wrote for Twilight herrrrng.

This one's called 'Born For This''s about zombies

What I had to check to see if theyre still needed or not

EANDJ continuation.doc

I also found a TON of friendster profile codes and multiply ones as well. I swear the txt files even had names like 'retro.txt'

One of the weirdest things I stumbled upon was this powerpoint! It's apparently some sort of diary of a character from the movie Bend It Like Beckham. It was so weird and very comical to say the least. I have no idea why we'd have the file hahaha.



This one's actually about music....but still mainly about Twilight huhu

I seriously was having the time of my life rifling through all the files in my mum's laptop last night. I was going haywire on twitter haha! I finished deleting, transferring files and uninstalling a bunch of applications at around 4 in the morning o.0. Feeling quite inspired, I also fixed/cleaned my laptop! And after lunch, I finally got to organizing my pictures stored in my lappytoppy. It seems I can't wait for spring what with all my digital summer cleaning hehe.

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  1. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    you're a really good writer haha love your blog


Thank you for making my interactive diary dreams come true! ♥