May 17, 2012


Here are 2 somewhat similar practice paintings that I've done with different paint sets hehe. The first one I used Prang and the second Winsor and Newton. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a teeny tiny bit biased when I say that I like Winsor and Newton better hahaha. I've just grown to love the brand and the free paint brush it comes with is so divine, it's what I use for almost every painting. Prang's brush on the other hand is so frustrating because of its constant hair fall huhu. So, because I was the one who bought my Prang set, I'd feel really guilty if I just let it go to waste. I promise to use it more in the future hehe. 


Winsor and Newton

Speaking of art, I so badly wanna join the 1st Pagcor National Art Competition! I haven't joined any art contest in my whole life save for this logo contest back when I was around 7 or 8 years old which sucked. I was such a mess that I ended up drawing a simple crucifix in the middle of a blank paper. Let's just say that the judges weren't really into minimalism. But anyhoo, if youre reading this and you wanna join the contest -ehem, P50k prize for non-professionals- I'll post the info below. So if youre planning on joining, holla at me! Maybe we can join togethahhh and be best friends and maybe split the 50 grand hahahahaha just kidding.

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