May 11, 2012

Adventures of Future Dwellers

Cheesecake date yesterday! We've been planning on seeing Dark Shadows for quite some time now and we finally saw it today. After hours of planning, scheming and lying in a pool of our sweat, we finally headed to the mall. We picked out the 4pm screening since it was the most available, Nath was in such a hurry he didnt see that we still had half an hour to kill that he already bought the snacks for us hahaha. We almost finished the popcorn while we were still watching the movie trailers! 

I won't say much as to not spoil it to those who still wanna go see it. All I can say is Dark Shadows is a pretty movie. 

After the movie, we ate omnomnomnom, made fools of ourselves inside an arcade, made even bigger fools of ourselves inside Toy Kingdom and went to 2 bookstores. We arrived at my house at around 730 and ate dinner with my sister and my nephew. After eating, we played and played cards in our living room while waiting for my dad to finish watching American Idol so he could drive Chloe home haha. 


Im seriously digging Nath's ultra faded shoes! It used to be blue but now the blue is slowly fading until the front part is gray already hehe. Can't be seen in this shot tho


Seriously can't get over Nath's ombre shoes hahahahaha

'Nath's photography skillzzzzz'

I bought this at Book Sale for only P35!

From vampires to witches to werewolves to zombies to ghouls to Nath to Chloe, this day had an abundance of monsters...................hahaha joke. Before I end this, here are a few websites to inspire you to watch Dark Shadow or to kill me:

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