May 18, 2012

Calendar Girl Gab

Since I have shared with you guys how my part of my week went, I am going to post about what I did today, Friday. I woke up semi early (if you consider 5 minutes to 10am early) and watched Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 while eating. I've had a huge crush on Robert Pattinson since forever but it got squashed when he starred in the vampire flicks same goes for Kirsten Stewart. I could see that the movies have improved tho, comparing Breaking Dawn to Twilight. But the acting was just so darned awkward! I kept laughing during Bella's pregnancy huhu.

Well anyhoo, after lunch I decided to bake a rainbow cake! I spent almost an hour looking for a simple recipe; one without the use of strange ingredients that I have never heard of let alone can get my hands on at the last minute. I resorted to just using the batter from a simple vanilla cake that I saw and just used food coloring.

Colorful battahhhhh

I felt like such an alchemist while I was at my 'work area'
Hehe the dishes
I had such a hard time convincing myself that they HAD to be washed..

I kept myself busy while I waited for the cake to be fully baked. I visited Perry at the lanai for a while and eventually ended up in my parents' room. I situated myself right beside their window because seriously the light coming from there is so so so so so so beautiful.

Srs bsns Perry
My mouth doesnt hurt anymore but I still cant smile....................... :(

It wasnt easy taking this picture since my double jointedness decided to strike and my fingers looked all alien-y 

I tried to make it look like I was holding the light...................................................................................................

I went back to check and ta-da it was done! I let it cool for a while and proceeded to use my mum's yummy left over frosting wee o wee.

Rainbow cake!

I look like a truck

So that's it! I've gotten mixed reactions from my cake huhu. On the bright side, I finally made a jux account! I've been wary about making an account because I really dont like the caption thingies but luckily it's an optional feature yay. I have somewhere to post my photos besides flickr hooray. If you have an account or not, check out Calendar Girls. (It's mine hahahaha such a refreshing sight to see my deviation from 'gabmesina')


  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2012

    So talented

  2. Patrick JunioJuly 03, 2012

    drooling a rainbow right now :))


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