May 13, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

For our Mother's day celebration, my parents decided to have lunch in Nuvali wee. We woke up early to get there at around 10 since we dint have any reservations at Pig Out. 

Bird food for breakfast.....joke

Our nephew who's staying with us, Sebastian, and my sister! We call him Tiantian tho hehehe

This is how Tiantian used to smile..........

This is how he smiles now..............mucho gwapo!
We arrived at Pig Out at around 10:30-ish and we got seated right away yay! We had such a lovely server whose voice sounds a lot like David Archuleta's hehe. Everyone go to Pig Out now and go look for the server with the golden voice!! The very welcoming servers who wore smiles all the time were only a fraction of what made Pig Out such a lovely place. Don't get me started on the was amazing! The Crispy Pata was to die for as well as the Mussels that we had for appetizers omnomnom.

The best mum in existence!!!!

Hallo thur

The kids wee

Didnt know having a 'brother' was so fun!

After our scrumptious feast of a lunch, we headed to the Fish Pond nearby. I got flabbergasted by the amount of fish underneath us and to our surprise, we were allowed to feed them the fish feeds that were for sale for only P15 a pack! We had so much fun feeding them that I think we burned through more than 10 packs!! By the end, we were all sweating and satisfyingly exhausted. 

Tiantian, me (I had to take off my blazer because it was so hot) and pops!

We bid the fish farewell and headed over to this place filled with outlet stores. This is where I found out my beloved brogues were totally wrecked huhu. The soles on both shoes were separated and I had a hard time walking, it totally made me sad since today is our first monthsary haha.

Oh the horrrrrahhhhh

Inside Mercury Drug haha went inside for the cool air...hehe

After checking out the outlet stores, we stopped by Cafe Breton for an early afternoon snack! The food was also to die for, I swear this Mother's day has been filled with such delicious food. This is making me wish everyday was Mother's day hahaha.

My mum very very very studiously looking at the menu haha

Cafe Breton was so home-y

Mother's day today was really well spent. My mum is the kindest, most supportive person and best baker in the world. She's the reason why I had the opportunity to experience getting up on stage as part of chorale, she has urged me to do things that I have always been hesitant or too wimpy to do. Her cheesecake has made my bonds with people stronger hahaha. Without mum, I am nothing..duh. Happy Mother's day to the loveliest mum ever and to every mother in the whole entire universe!


  1. mesina! the cutest outfit ive ever seen you in! :)) and happy mom's day to tita marie! :D

  2. thanks thanks thanks! perfect for the weather.....not HAHA had to pay the price tho. happy mum's day to tita wen too!!!


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