May 9, 2012

Popping My Baking Cherry

I woke up at 6am today to bake chocolate chip cookies. The reason why I'm blogging about this and making it seem like such a monumental milestone in my life is because this is my first time to bake anything ever. 

You might be wondering how this came to be. What about Home Economics classes? The thing is, I never really fought my way through gaggles of girls circling the stove or the oven area. Because of an incident wherein a neighbor's maid had mishandled the pressure cooker which resulted to her having severe burns, I have been deathly afraid of kitchen appliances that can go boom boom. So, while most people would race to raise their hand to be the head cook or assistant in Home Economics class, I would sit back and patiently wait to be part of the clean up or dish washing group.

Add in the fact that we didnt have an oven in our old home and never really needed it (or so I thought) and my transferring to a drafting class instead of taking another year of home economics and you'll have me, Gab the baking virgin.

Advanced Mothers Day gift for my mum hahaha I was definitely high on estrogen this morning

Never really knew that baking could be so fun! If it weren't for my mum (who's a baking wizard) bribing me to get started on baking, I wouldn't have been able to experience measuring ingredients while half asleep hehe. So, lesson is, DO fight for your right to be the leader in home economics class! Hahaha joke, it's always always always and I mean always, cool to try new things!

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