May 8, 2012

Oreo Having a Good Time?

Oreos are heaven sent. Especially Double Stuf. Regular oreos, Golden oreos, Heads or Tails oreos, Winter oreos and every other kind of oreos in the world, you name it, just one bite would have you on your knees and hearing angelic harps or whatnot. The fact that you can buy those instant to go packs for like P6 blows my mind. 

I saw a picture of different colored oreos on facebook and while googling about their existence, I stumbled upon this lovely website. Her tutorial on how to make Sparkly Colored Oreos was what pulled me in. I showed it to my sister and we oooh-ed and ahhh-ed at it aaaaaaaand forgot the open webpage. I was about to close it a while ago when I decided to check out her recipes and tutorials and mother of all things great, she had a couple of recipes which include oreos!! This just makes my love for foodie and family-oriented blogs grow even more! 

clockwise. Oreo Trifle, Sparkly Colored Oreos and Oreo Fruit Dip
(c) Bee hives and Birds nest

other mouth watering recipes

Beehives and Birdsnest


  1. Droolingggg =P~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Dont they look just downright sinful? Haha

  3. OHMYYYYY~ This is your fault, Gab! I'm craving for it. :)))))


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