May 9, 2012

6: Mixed Media

This is a compilation of paintings and drawings from various talented artists that I've discovered through a nifty little thing called the internet. I hope you enjoy, get inspired and spread the word. 
Click picture for Cesar del Valle's website

Cesar del Valle's skill with ink and paper is so darn realistic. But the thing is, he mixes the realistic people that he draws with textures or whatnot that can be seen when paper or graphite is manipulated such as the texture of crumpled paper and the effect or appearance of graphite being smudged. He also includes holes in paper or pencils through walls and actually draws around such disturbances!

Portraits III 7

Cube 3


Click picture for Glenn Brown's website
Ever had a nightmare about ghoulish creatures with melted skin in sickly hues? No? Okay. Whenever I see Glenn Brown's work, the word 'putrid' quickly comes to mind. The word and his paintings seem to give off this aura of sweet decay. Imagine rotten flowers or too ripe mangoes or the sickly sweet of garbage. But his paintings are far from being considered as garbage for aside from his numerous solo exhibits, he even has a book filled with his works that retails at $90!

Click picture for Langdon Graves' website
Everything about Langdon Graves screams whimsical. From her drawings, yes Langdon is a woman a very pretty one at that, to the colors that she use, to her name and even to how she looks. She really embodies the whole Tinkerbell-esque look and incorporates it to her very playful works of art.

Click picture for Marco Mazzoni's website
The first time I saw Marco Mazzoni's works I thought they were made to be covers of Florence and the Machine albums. I think viewing them would be splendid while listening to DJ Vinimal's Cry Me a River Remix or any eerie opera songs haha.

Click picture for Suzanne Sattler's website
Suzanne Sattler's work are a perfect mix of daintiness and gore. It's like a a couple severed fingers inside a gift box wrapped in shiny paper with a special bow on top.

Click picture for The Gryllus' website
Last but not the least, The Gryllus, an art duo composed of Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten. They mostly paint hands grasping and kneading and grabbing and scratching. It's like most of their works should be labeled R-18 haha. They look almost life like if you squint your eyes the only things that give them away are the apparent brush strokes and the super duper high contrast between the colors the use.

Ta-da! I'll make another compilation for Photographs and Installations next time. Maybe even dip my toe into architecture haha. 

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