May 24, 2012

Fast Times In Manila

Today was spent roaming around and getting lost in the heart of Manila with my dad. We originally planned on just checking an item off my mini bucket list which was to visit The Oil Paint Store located in the deepest recesses of Tayuman. Before we got lost, we ate at a cozy little Chinese restaurant called Wai Ying in Binondo. We then followed the LRT station's trail- from Carriedo to Tayuman! 

Pretty churches 

Binondo heehee
We got so lost in Tayuman! The Oil Paint Store is situated right at the intersection of M. Hizon and Yuseco. It turns out M. Hizon is such a skinny skinny alley oftentimes overlooked by the residents and so we spent about 20 minutes asking around for directions and weighing Jessica and Phil's pros and cons.

The store was like a gift from heaven. It was so tiny but what it lacked in size, made up for the mind blowing amount of supplies inside!! They showcase various paints all the way from Italy, they have kiosks for each big time brand in painting, they have a room filled with canvases and get this, they have a mini TV that only plays The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross all day long!!! I only bought 4 miniature head busts of gods and goddesses plus 1 Koi water brush wee.

We went back to my dad's office and on the way, we were freaking out because we still didnt know who won American Idol hahaha. When the time for the final announcement came, our maid called us and we had her put the phone next to the tv so we could hear Ryan Seacrest's voice!

I promptly fell asleep after taking these photos at my dad's office
After waking up, I went to Robinsons to have my camera checked out. Right after purchasing film, the guy behind the counter then chooses that time to say that my camera is a bit wonky and it'll need to be repaired for P680 and will be available after 3 to 5 business days. Ughhhhhh. When the whole debacle was over, I hurried and went to KFC to meet with Cheesecake and some of my old classmates. We ate lunch before entering MaSci for our orientation.

l-r. Orientation, the book I bought from Twinkle yay
I dawdled for a while inside the school grounds and caught up with a few people. I then went back to my lair a.k.a my dad's office. I started reading The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell and got so hooked! It's so nice and not to mention such a page turner. I ended up not sleeping on our way home since I was so immersed in the book hehe.

On our way home for Tiantian's farewell dinner

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