May 1, 2012


It's been more or less 10 years since we went to Subic and I seriously fell instantly in love with the place. It was so serene in the morning, the people fueled my xenophilia, everyday promised heartbreakingly beautiful sunsets and last but not the least the very very very and I mean very spotless comfort rooms. 

On the first day, I finally crossed something off my bucket list over the weekend! My family and I went to Zoobic.

Ostrich Egg painting for P200!

The animal show stage

We finally had Magnum! Wee what is late


The bearcat! Theyre apparently the asian cousins of raccoons hehe

Dora the pig!
I went all Katniss Everdeen-y when they asked for volunteers haha! Too bad the other activities were for kids, but I did get to participate in the bird portion. I got called onstage, partly humiliated myself by dancing huhu, asked the birdie a few questions and actually kissed the sucker!!

My sister with a snake!
Me with the bear cat! Huhu I was so happy that a vein appeared on my forehead and I look all creepy happy

 We went to the bird area and personally I'm not much of a fan of birds. Whenever I'd visit zoos or pet shops, if I could, I'd rather skip the whole area. I did enjoy feeding them tho!

My mum looking all one with the earth (and the birds)!
After the bird section, our group headed to the Rodent World and I just about peed my pants when I saw the bearcats!


*insert saxophone and jazz music here*

All that's missing is a 'Wish you were here' sign

Pretty pretty lashes

Nolan da fake tour guide

Norielle da real tour guide

For our break, we were allowed to go to the Serpentarium or if we were too tired we could stay at the cafeteria thingy. Being the eager zoo goers that we are, my sister and I visited the Serpentarium and went all Harry Potter with the snakes haha!

Snakes will never fail to look like biceps to me o.0

some reptile

Saw these guys carting this ostrich outside the Serpentarium
 After that, we got on board our white tiger train that seriously looks like a zebra from a far. We actually almost did not get in the tram thingy ride. We weren't aware that we're supposed to pay P50 for a spot on the ride hahaha! Almost went around the zoo in our car hehe.

We stopped by the Forbidden Cave and the somethingsomething. The taxidermy was not great. Couldve used some help from Chuck pictures did end up quite weird tho...hmm....mind-boggling....

Waited a long time to get on the vry shrt (very short) tiger cage ride. I didn't even have a picture hahahaha! 

After the tiger cage thingy, we went to the Savannah and the Aeta's trail. The Savannah is where they keep all the domestic animals like the ostriches which by the way has an eye the size of a golf ball, a brain as small as a peanut, lays an egg that can be edible but has 2000 calories, it is equivalent to 24 regular eggs or 8 quail eggs and it takes 45 minutes for one egg to become hard boiled. I love our tour guide and his facts!!

An Abundance of Pigs 
 We came across this old military barracks thingy. They were apparently used by the Americans as a storage unit for munitions during the second world war. They can withstand earthquakes, a ton of gunshots and bombings and a bunch of natural calamities. It's practically every zombie apocalypse daydreamer's wet dream!

Native badasses

Real archer na daw sya hahahaha

 Croco loco was quite eerie. The steal stairway bridge thingy was so scary. You could seriously see the crocodiles below you...lurking...lurking...lurking..

Creepy still crocs
A picture of my dad with the hidden croc under the stairs

Sunnies on

Say hi to my snake scarf
After a day of sweating and getting awed by animals, we had a later lunch at Meat Plus. Man, that place is like heaven. A meat lover's heaven! They serve the best tasting steaks and is just so cozy. 


  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    very well said. i really love reading all your blogs..

  2. why thank you so much!! it really means a lot to me :)

  3. Patrick JunioMay 04, 2012

    haha dapat may vid of you dancing! Dapat sana part ako ng blog na toh :))

  4. wag na, itll just serve as a bait for blackmailers joke what hahah! waaaaaaait kasssssssssi i havent posted the tree top pa nga e + extremely expresso :P


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