May 21, 2012

Of Sand Filled Shoes & Listening To The Blues: Manila Music Festival 2012

I am probably the last person who will post about the Manila Music Festival that was held last Labor Day haha. I only brought my film camera so after a series of delays in the developing, my dad finally took it to Photoline and had the pictures developed. 

I'm not really well versed when it comes to the local music scene so on the day of the concert, I was really preparing myself for a day under the sun with Chloe, to live out my music festival dreams sans acts from Florence and the Machine and the like and to feed my xenophilia hehe. 

The super super super super duper duper duper wild crowd

Chloe with her float on

Squinty squint squint. Too bad this is my only picture from the concert huhu
 I couldnt really keep track of the set list since we moved around a bit. I liked Nameless Heroes and totally adored June Marieezy. The Nameless Heroes was the band that got the most votes and thats why they were given the first slot to perform yay for them. June Marieezy on the other hand was such a cutie! She gave off this very fairy like vibe hehe and the way she talked to the crowd just goes to show how charismatic she really is.

There were triangular canvases scattered between the main stage and the redbull stage, they were to be painted on by very talented graffiti people

Cotton Candy man hmmm someone should tell Stan Lee to make a superhero with the same name

I think it'd have been nicer if the venue was a wee bit smaller and if there had been more stuff to do albeit it was still fun to spend the day with Chloe milling about, talking, eating and having a kickass background music. I hope to attend next year's shindig with more of our friends tho, I think we've had enough of the questioning glances that came our way deciphering if we were a couple hahaha.

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