April 21, 2012

Grossest Kids in Town

Last Wednesday, I met up with a few of my research group mates to work on our proposals. Since most of them are from Manila, we decided to just work near MaSci. We stayed for a while at KFC and then we bombarded Robinsons with our laptop and very scientific conversations. Basically, we only got 50% done and the rest of the day was spent looking for inspiration and just ambling around the mall. 

After visiting book shops and having my pictures developed, we stopped by Toys R Us! I seriously will never get tired of visiting toy stores. When I was a kid, visiting them was like sweet torture. I'd go in and get dazzled by every little thing but wouldn't be allowed to buy the mega amazing toys, instead I'd get away with 1 Baby Bratz or in some cases, totally empty handed.

So long story short, I was totally stoked when I saw this entire wall  full of weird trash cans! Turns out they're called The Trash Pack. You can buy them individually, in 2's, in 5's, and in 12's. There are special storage packs; one's even shaped like a giant garbage can! I bought myself one of the individually packed trashies for only 65 php!! I told my friends that if I were unlucky enough to get the real nasty looking ones, I'd stop buying hehe. But then I got Trash Rat and just fell in love heehee. My sister bought me 2 Trashies last night and I got Awful Pie and Smelly Mouse. 

l-r. Trash Rat, Awful Pie, Smelly Mouse

l-r. Individual trash can, Trash can that can hold 2 trashies inside!
I stayed up late last night watching a bunch of youtube videos about them. And because of that, I discovered this youtube channel called 'raeganzilla'. Theyre a father and son duo that rates toys heehee. They are like the cutest and most adorable team I have ever seen and I can't help but seeing Phil and Luke in them from Modern Family. You guys should check their channel out if ever you'll need advice on toys or just a dose of sweetness!

Here's a video of them reviewing Big League Chew Bubblegum!

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  1. Patrick JunioApril 26, 2012

    This trash pack toys are interesting :D :))


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