April 5, 2012

Maundy Thursday

What you do during Maundy Thursday depends on your beliefs and what your family's tradition is. My family and I had our Visita Iglesia today. We went to 7 churches and for each church we had 2 stations to cover. We've been doing this for a looooooong looooooong time now so we thought that we'd be pretty much immune to the heat. But nooooo way jose!! The sun was so high and I felt like my back and forehead were constantly moist with perspiration ughhh. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this day a lot! :)

Our first stop was PCJ which is inside BF so when we got there, it wasn't that humid....yet!

Flaglets(?) outside our 2nd church

Masha, Fasha and Sissy!

Popcorn vendor with the whole carnival-esque aura! (3rd church)

Tons of rosaries!

*Seductive face on* joke its my grabe-init-face

Pink popcorn which tastes purely like sugar herrrrherrr

My sister's headless bodayyyy

Yummy yummy kwek-kwek outside our 4th church!!!

We passed by Mesina Funeral Homes on our way to our 5th church hehe good thing it wasnt an omen 
The 'grabe-nakakaOC-naman-yang-design-na-yan wall'. As described by my sister HEHE

St. Therese's Church is so beautiful ughhhhh

The Therese Girls!

St. Therese's is a special place for our family. It was where both my sister and I were baptized. Hence, our second names are Therese! Mum tells me that the church has changed since the time of our baptism and I can see what she's talking about. St. Therese's architecture and design and nearly everything is just magnificent haha. Visita Iglesia every year is so fun and it makes me feel very very very light and oh so good! :)

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  1. great pictures gab! but you look like zombie :))


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