April 15, 2012

On Trees

I've always been a huge fan of zombies or anything related to them. So imagine my surprise when I first heard about Outbreak Manila! Outbreak Manila is patterned to the United States's Run For Your Lives. Basically, it's a 5 kilometer race with a few obstacles.....plus a buttload of ravenous zombies. You're given a belt with 3 flags symbolizing your lives which the infected would go gaga for.

Even the scorching sun, dirtied knees, and the depressing revelation that I will certainly not be a survivor in case of a zombie apocalypse did not ruin the event. Rather, they were what made it beyond fun! 

I dint bring the camera with me along the run in fear of it being dropped, and I was really hoping that it'd rain a bit so the course would be muddy. I did bring my film camera with me but I still gotsta have them developed hehe so.....here are pictures of......trees.

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