April 13, 2012

Mum's 45th!

Last Friday the 13th was my mum's 45th birthday celebration! It was a whole day event hehe. But the day before that, we surprised her with her gift yay. Anyway, we ate our early lunch at Army Navy so we could be near Robinsons. It was supposed to be a girl's day of pampering and feeling like princesses! 

Birthday girrrrrrrrrrl

Family picture foinally!! Sayang lang room ko kita hahahah

Dad went to work. We got dropped off at the National Bookstore entrance but we dint get the chance to browse the humongous stacks of bargain books. After going to the comfort room, we went to Primadonna. Lo and behold, the creepers that I wasnt sure of buying last December were still there! Mum bought a pair for me and a neon belt for my sister. My sister and my mum seriously have a weird belt fetish. But anyway  happy happy joy joy!!

@ California Nails and Day Spa

My sister's

Day glo nails herrrrng

We left Robinsons at around 445 and made our way to Yakimix for our dinner with some relatives of ours. An amazing thing happened tho, I wore my new shoes all around the mall, and when I stepped out of the car, my left foot landed directly on a pile of dog poop. Yesssssssssss, I know I died. The guards were all laughing and I couldn't stop myself from stomping around in a tantrum and rubbing my soiled shoe around the parking lot.

l-r. Mum, Feliz, Ate Nina, Kuya Ipe, Sissy, Kuya Rex, and Me!


Birthday singers

Our niece Feliz and my sister

Happy happy joy joy!!!!!!

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