April 4, 2012

Cheesecake Day

Last Saturday, Nath and Chloe went to my house for a 'cheesecake date'. We actually planned on going to different places via tricycle but since we were short on cash and we only had a few hours, we just decided to go to ruins and, buy dvds. Before we went home, we stopped at a nearby grocery store in hopes that they sell Magnum. Lo and behold, they had none. We bought a couple of movie snacks though to appease our tummehhhs.

We watched The Woman in Black and although we got creeped out and scared by the movie, we couldn't stop ourselves from cracking Harry Potter jokes. Hehe I know so mature.


Me for president!!!!

What is abundance of union jacks hahah

Obligatory cheesecake picture oyea

Chloe told me to pose with my 'grammys'

Even though sophomore year's over and summer's here, I'll be seeing more of these guys! 


  1. Patrick JunioApril 26, 2012

    The flag on the wall is a nice touch. :)) Ahhh ang galing mo magpainting. :D Also I gotta have one copy of your grad pic :D :)). Finally, whose holding the cam? You only mentioned 2 people with you. :)))

  2. The magic of self timer hahaha! Thanks thanks akkk thanks hehe. Mehh, its too squinty, you wouldnt even know its me :P


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