April 5, 2012

Patron Saint of Animals

After our Visita Iglesia, I finally got the chance to tick off something from my 'bucket list' which is to go to Cartimar! I've heard that they sell miniature pot-bellied pigs in that place so I was so stoked when we got there thinking that I'd finally be able to meet one. The pictures were mostly taken by my sister because I couldn't help but fawn over the adorable animals hehe.

Cartimar sign looking all rugged

Flaglet fetish oye
Dog clothes!

Adorable sleeping Pomeranian!!
This kitty actually says 'meow' to people!! I went near her cage and she didn't get all primitive panicky on me instead she calmly stared at me with her kitty eyes and said meow all real and slow heehee so cute!

The Mexican blabladog. Poor creatures don't have any fur :(

Hehe this dog got a little excited and tried to fit himself through the cage



I left Cartimar a bit disappointed since we found out that the pig vendor didn't show up today since it's a holiday. And the news that they rarely see raccoons being sold in there didn't help either huhu. We were a tired and sweaty mess so we decided to have our lunch at Razon's to bask in the aircon and the halo-halo woohoo.

If ever Cartimar goes on a let's say End-of-the-World Sale and everything is 100% off, I'd seriously 'buy' every cute darn thing I lay my eyes on and build a zoo. It will be the prettiest and cleanest and most colorful zoo in the entire universe.

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