August 18, 2012

An Open Letter To The Person Who Might Have Accidentally Stolen My Wallet

#123 Missingwallet St.
Bottomofmyheart City
August 19, 2012


This letter is for the person who might have accidentally stolen my wallet. You might have seen it, thought it was yours and brought it home. You might have a disorder or something. You might have been pressured by a powerful force to offer a sacrificial leopard and since you're against animal cruelty and all, you chose to offer my leopard wallet. Whatever the reason is, be it personal, official or spiritual, I hope you're happy. And in case you want to make me happy as well and decided to return some of the important stuff inside, feel free to do so. I just want the following back:

a) the little piece of folded paper in the purse thingy part which has my bracket
b) my 1x1 ID pictures
c) the one dollar bill that has been with me for years

Hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you. 

Gab Mesina

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