January 15, 2012

I've been working on a series of paintings lately. It all started with an accident actually. It was my first time to use the pocket watercolor thing that my mum and pops gave me for my birthday and I got a bit pressured since I'm a wee bit of a perfectionist, so what I did was, I basically made the whole page of paper wet and then I lightly dabbed on the paintbrush with different colors. When it started to look awful with all the brown splotches because of the mixing, I tried to salvage it with adding more colors yay! Haha in the end, it came out looking quite psychedelically. It was nice but I found it a bit boring so I drew a face on the paper heehee. I hope I can make more!

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  1. wow awesome artwork dear! my favorite is the first one, so stunning. you are talented keep it up. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

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