November 7, 2012

Very Pubertial

You know that feeling you get when you hear a really really really good song? It's like your're in on a little secret of life like when you hear it, you know it in your bones that this is why we're here and alive. I don't really wanna sound cheesy but sometimes there are just songs that when you hear them, it's like your mind clears up and you understand that this is why we were made. To experience stuff and to see beauty in its raw form or something. 

This song just takes the proverbial cake. I can imagine like a band of survivors in a duh post-apocalyptic setting with only a scattering of zombies left and you've gray grungy buildings with paint peeling off on both sides of a very long road and the whole scene would just be so serene but you know there's an underlying tone of danger because of the zombies they have yet to kill but the entire aura is still calm nonetheless hehe.

This one has me picturing a very simple lifestyle in a cabin in the woods or on top of a hill with the sunlight just warming my skin and the occasional mehhhhh's from the goats outside and the sound of the tiny bells around their necks filling the room hoho. Its such a nice and peaceful song.

This song has a special place in my heart hehehe. I always turn gay when I hear this hehe. The image that comes to my mind whenever this plays is the time we spent New Year's Eve at Eastwood. The place was packed with people and it felt like I was being submerged in a sea of bodies or something. After the concert thingy, the people started the count down and they were playing songs and when it hit midnight, the fireworks just started going off and I was surrounded by so many people and this song was playing and hehehe it just felt really nice like I was in touch with humanity.....hehehehe I was all 'wow so this is what it feels like to really be a human being' hehe cos all of my senses were working I mean I was hearing the song and the people talking and shouting, I could definitely smell the smoke, I could see the fireworks display and again, the people hugging and taking pictures and craning their necks to see if there were celebrities milling about and random people would just bump into me but it felt really really really good hehe.

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