November 1, 2012

Joke's On You

I painted yesterday and used up the last page of my sketch pad from last year yay. It was really nice to just paint and unwind. I could definitely see myself doing it in the future like in a remote cottage or something or on a balcony in a house in Ireland nyahaha.

Had to leave it at this since we had to leave 
 We went to the mall to accompany my sister in buying her shoes hehe. It was our first time after a million years of going to the mall as a family. Lately it's always been just me and my sister or me and my friends or my sister alone or my mum and dad only or my sister and my parents together.  

While waiting for my dad hehe

This is how we carried the rugs we bought nyahahaha


Pops faking a smile to fit the whole 'family bonding' thing on the cup HAHAHAHAHAH

Elementary days nyehehe

Got scolded for taking pictures but it was so fun to layer winter clothes hehehehehehe
 I was so so so so so so so so so stoked to go home so I could sit in my room and continue painting hehehehe. 

Ta-da. It became a snobby fat guy in a joker get-up hehe


  1. niceeee ate gab b^_________________^d

  2. you're really talented! just wondering what camera do you use? :--) xx


Thank you for making my interactive diary dreams come true! ♥