December 1, 2012


This long weekend has so far been very very good to me. Thursday night had me and my dad eating out while waiting for my mum, Friday was a super fun shopping day with Twinkle and Bea and today, our Chemistry project making was cut short so I could be with my family on a very random and unusual shopping trip. 

My dad picked me up from Twinkle's and we headed to the mall to meet up with my mum and my sister. I was in a sort of foul mood since my nap in the car was disturbed and so I wandered to the toy section for a while and got lost in toys hihi. I then finally found my family and asked my mum if I could buy the 4D dino puzzle I've been ogling since Friday's trip to the mall. 

After a hearty dinner, we went home and I got to putting the pieces of the puzzle together hehe. While I was assembling the stand, I proclaimed myself to be puzzle-wise dumb. But then I started actually getting the pieces right so I stripped myself of my self-proclaimed title and got to working. When only 6 pieces were left, nothing was going right HEHE. The puzzle was kicking my heiny so my sister decided to help me out and now it's all pretty and I want to share it with you guys.....since Christmas is just around the corner hehe just kidding hehe hehe. 

Album cover/promotional photo/a picture of a trex and my name

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