December 30, 2012

Gab's Birthday Giveaway: The Verdict

My first ever giveaway was launched on my birthday, last December 16. I really took the time scouting for really neat things that even I had the urge to just keep them all here in my house and just forget the notion of having a giveaway. But alas, I battled it out with my greed (imagine me now on the edge of a cliff while the wind is gorgeously running through my hair with my ever trusty strings quartet behind doing their thang) and won hence, Gab's Birthday Giveaway or #gbg was conceived!

I didn't go with the usual giveaway flow of asking people to follow me and such since I really wanted to get to know my readers more and to...interact I guess hehe. So I just dropped the question and let your creative minds do the rest hihi.

With only 45 letters to work with, here are some of the answers that really caught my eye besides the pantyhose answer and the mind-boggling Jessa Zaragoza one HAHA.

Diana's answer really killed me. Seriously, it slayed something inside me. Bludgeoned that something, even. Reduced it to pulp, perhaps. Her answer just caught me so much by surprise and it was so right that it almost brought me to tears................hehe that was too dramatic but for realsies, I absolutely loved her answer.

I really don't know how but I liked it HAHAHA.

"I'd use a condom to survive a zombie apocalypse

cause condoms are so elastic and durable and they don't tear easily
so i'd wear a condom all over my body
to protect me from zombies"

-Nona's wise words

NONA'S ANSWER. I don't need to explain why her poetic reasoning really had me thinking.


Matthew/FaFaMatthew/@matthewIdiot who garnered 84 retweets! 

Congratulations to you and to everyone who joined, even to those who didn't but surely know how to survive a zombie apocalypse and to everyone since we lived through 2012!! Thanks everyone for just making this a success and for all the support you've given to this blog huhuhiheiheoheoehoeho (hihi getting sentimental hihihihihihi).

Nothing beats Plants VS. Zombies

Here's to life and to more giveaways in the future!!!! ;) 

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