December 20, 2012

Carol Fest

It's a tradition in Masci that every Christmas time, we'd have the Carol Fest which basically means that Category A (Freshmen and Sophomores) would be given a Christmas song and the same would be done to Category B (Juniors and Seniors). We'd be given a couple of weeks to prepare and before December comes along, the eliminations would be held. This year, we weren't as fortunate since we didn't get through to the finals so................I just watched and took pictures hehe.

Taray costume 1

Taray costume 2
 Last Wednesday, December 19, we had the finals for the Carol Fest. The entire school followed the Friday scheduled which meant we'd only have 40 minutes per class. It was so fun since almost all of our teachers felt the Christmas spirit and just gave their time for us to frolic and be merry hehe.
Taray costume 3

Taray costume 4

United Colors of Benetton ang peg 

The Amadome was full of students, parents, teachers and even the alumni! The air was buzzing with excitement like a bee not like a diamond because they shine bright only.

MAPEH teachers yay yay

Category A went first duh HAHA. Kepler was the first one to perform and they looked so cute jiggling and wiggling and giggling on stage. If I remember Diana's answer to my question regarding the title of their song correctly, they sang The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole as their choice piece.

Next was Rutherford hehe I remember our performance last year hehe. For their choice piece they composed their own I think to the tune of Just The Way You Are.

The third one to perform was Millikan and they really did a great job with their contest piece and their choice piece, Simbang Gabi. They had really good sopranos and Jemima the conductor was really good too hehe.

Next was Dalton which did a good job with the whole starting off with a conservative aura with their choice piece that was quite about Jesus and then they took off their toga things for their contest piece hehe.

Marconi was something. They did really well and was very impressive with their choice piece, yet another composition. It was really gooooooood. It was lively and they were in tune and the song was just so darn adorable.

 Last but definitely not the least, Fermi took the stage. They were the only one from the 7th graders who got in and they were also the ones who WON! They were really good and even though they sang the taboo Kumukutikutitap song, they still did a great job!

Category B started off right after the intermission number. The bongga-est of the bongga costumes were present in the said category. It was so fun watching them since it seemed like Halloween took a left and came right back in a totally good way hihi. 

Moseley's performance was definitely something. It was so modern and so nice HAHA. They covered Pentatonix's cover huhu it was so cool with the beatboxing and everything and the barararams huhuhu so cool.

Townes for me had the best costume for realsies. There should be a Best in Costume award next year. They looked so slick and sleek and kuya EJ's solo was siiiiiiiiiiick!! The last part of it was so darn good it gave me goosies.

One of the only 2 from the Juniors who got in, Burbank shocked everyone with their very Filipino costumes. Hayy the high notes were like a piece of cake to them hehe. 

Berzelius for me was the best regarding the choice piece. Theirs really gave me goosebumps since goosies are just baby goosebumps for me huhu. They sang the o coooooooome o coooooooome o come Emmanuel song with an African vibe and it was so badass and it sounded like it should be in a soundtrack because of its potential epicness heehoheeho.

Again, last but definitely the least was Faraday who won. They were really good it's like watching a legit choir huhu. Their performance last English month closing, with the winds and all was only one evidence of their musical prowess. Prowess bongga!

I love Christmas. I love Christmas songs. Masci likes Christmas and Christmas songs. Everyone loves the Carol Fest every year not only for the excuses but also for the gay-ing feeling you get with your class when you finally finish a piece that you worked so hard for hehe.


  1. At last~ finally read about an audience's thoughts on the Carol Fest...I really didn't know how others felt while listening to us [finalists]~

    Thank you for saying that our choice piece was adorable~ hahahahaha~

    -from II-Marconi :)

    1. You guys did a really great job. Congrats on the whole Masci Christmas theme song thing!!!


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