December 9, 2012

La Familia

Lately, my family and I have been spending so much time together that it had my sister and I thinking there was some huge bad news about our family cos it was too good to be true. But nope, no bad news, just the Christmas spirit in the air, getting inhaled by everyone in the household thus making us all generous and cheery and spontaneous and easier to be persuaded hehe.

We went to the mall earlier to bond and to run some errands. We first went to Metro and my sister went to her happy place aka Carolinas while I got my picture taken with the wall of tupperwares.

Mah tuh ruhy

After that we went to Town and convinced ourselves to fall in line for some donuts mehehe. So while in line, we took pictures and people watched and people watched some more.


After getting our donuts, we went to the best food court in the world since it was a choice between that and the neighboring Chinese restaurant which my sister and I weren't in the mood for. Here is what happened then.................

And so the House of Mesina set forth towards where the hearty scents of various spices and whatnot were coming from. A large feast was then held for the reason that the House of Mesina's hunger rivaled that of a lion who is very very very very very hungry. After their sumptuous meal, they wandered around the vast mall and found themselves in Hobbes and Landes where the head of the House was challenged by a fresh opponent on a game of Game of the Generals. Accounts say that this was done so since the head looked ready for slumber and so was kept awake while the lasses set about and looked at what the said shop has to offer.

Nolan of House Mesina, a most noble knight indeed

Before this tale draws to a close, here is an image that is in motion. This depicts the 2 sisters and the head of House of Mesina enjoying a game in the toys section...........................................................................

Christmas is so near!!! Stay tuned this week miladies and milords!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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