December 21, 2012

Ho Ho Ho Under the Mistletoe

Yesterday, December 20, a day before the supposed end of the world, we had our Christmas party in school. 

Churro gurlz with our matching shirts wee woo wee woo w r so gay
After going around the school to give out gifts to our teachers, we went back to our homeroom which was on the fourth floor huhu. Then Erik had his awwwwww moment while we all watched and snooped and lurked like the gossip mongers that we are.

Matthew then gave me the cutest and most adorable raccoon cake in the world which was done by Nona's mum hihi. It really shocked me hehe but it was very cool hehe.

Russ the blind man


Jazz being Jazz
We then had games and had fun and Callado was his..........................self. The prizes were so nice so we really got into the games hehe.

It's not that apparent here but I got scratches because of the games hehe
Twinkle and Russ then exchanged gifts which was such a cute and touching ordeal that was punctuated with our squeals of delight and giddiness hihi. Russ got Twinkle a very cool-looking ukulele while Twinkle gave Russ a huge ass box filled with super cool stuff huhu. I'll forever be a fan of Rinkle.


After eating and stuff, we had our exchange gift which was very idk intimate? Hehe we were in a circle and we had to describe the person that we picked. And after that, we gave our adviser Ma'am Sao her Christmas gift!!

Ma'am Sao kiliging #1

Ma'am Sao kiliging #2

Ma'am Sao kiliging #3

After we had our pictures taken, we tidied up a bit and a lot of people left already. Since there were so many left over prizes from the games we never got the chance to play, Dana allowed us to take home whichever we liked hihi so I got this disguise thingy!!

After the party, Jazz helped me lug around my stuff to the Supreme Court across the street. I changed my shoes since they got destroyed huhu and we frantically met up with other people since they were going to go to Star City hehe sorry. I went back to Masci to meet up with the Watergirls so we could hang out. And lemme tell you this, I will never ever wear a hoodie while the sun is still up huhu I could seriously feel the drops of sweat on my back cascading huhuhu. It's either I won't wear a hoodie without airconditioning or I'll never forget to bring an extra shirt hehe.

Chloe, Diana me hehe

We stayed in Masci for a while since I thought we were waiting for Bianca but as it turned out, I was the one they were waiting for HAHAHAHA what is dumb. We went to Robinson's and were supposed to watch Silent Hill but I got dumb and my brain shut down when the girl behind the counter asked our age ughhhhh really sorry about that gays. So we just had our nails done instead and became uber girly hihihi.

Chloe da mermaid

Diana the musician~~~~~~~`

Chloe the historian~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chloe's Christmas Toes daw

Bianca such a cutiepie

Me snorting something

Bianca with her BiBiancas

I really had a great time with everyone last Thursday. I swear, if the world ended today, I would've gone happily hihi. 


  1. Ang cute ni Bianca! :)

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