December 14, 2012

Russet's 1st Collection: Meraki

I'm so stoked to show you guys my sister's first collection woop woop!! With all the advertising I'm doing, it feels like all the hours I spent hypnotized by the Home Shopping Network has finally paid off. Anyway, here goes my sales lady spiel: 

Do you still not have gifts for your family and friends this Christmas? Have you been too busy/stressed to go tick off the names on your Christmas shopping list? Are you broke? I have solutions for 2 of the 3 questions hehe. Check out Russet's first collection entitled Meraki and since it's online it wouldn't be THAT much of a hassle amirite hehehehe. Give my sister's handmade babies a home this Christmas...please..and..thank you! 
Here are some of my favorites from her collection heehee:

Meraki, P280
This baby is a celebrity since she was named after the collection itself. Meraki means to do something with love in some language that I have forgotten already. It's very nice and I hate myself for using that generic word but I really am dumb when it comes to describing accessories huhu but seriously I'D WEAR THIS!! 

Foxxy, P250

Foxxy was named after Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers!! This is Orange-y. If you like the color Orange, you should buy this to prove your love for the said color. Or if you're a fan of Beyonce, you too should buy this. If your favorite color is Orange and your favorite person is Beyonce, you should buy two!

Gab. P220
Last but definitely not the least...........we have Gab!!! Hehehe we have me hehehehe!! But sadly nope I am not for sale, but this one definitely is! This is MY baby. The first time I saw it on my sister's table I fell instantly in love with it. I love it because it looks so dainty yet so deliciously gruesome. It seriously reminds me of Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter albeit a tea-party-attending Alastor. 

Gab when dissected hehe not too bloody hehe joke
 Those are just my favorites from Russet's first collection. Check out the entire album on Facebook and maybe if you want or if you're feeling lonely, you could comment which one is YOUR favorite but if you're really busy and you don't wanna do it, it's fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine........................................................... :(

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