December 24, 2012


We spent our Christmas Eve with our relatives in Cavite last night and it was for a lack of a better word, fun. The night was filled with our laughter and bouts of craziness from everyone. Now I definitely know where we got our eccentric traits! We stuffed ourselves silly early and just basked in the Holiday spirit after.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~fashion blahgah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It feels super duper good to be with a lot of people this Holiday season especially when the people are so funny and wacky and so candid heehee. I swear, the energy levels in their house last night would rival those of the wind turbines in Ilocos or that of a crowd in a Wowowee show.

Here's a little something something from Feliz to uplift your spirits or to bombard your household with merry merry and jolly jolly Christmas tunes!

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