December 31, 2012


A million things have happened since January 1, 2012. I was supposed to make a year-end post about my year but then I found myself in a sticky mess since I had so much to write about! I thought of making a simple post about art, zombies and music but then I thought of the wonderful poems we had in English class this year not to mention the movies I've seen that are worth discussing. And I did some more thinking and after falling asleep, I decided to stick to the original plan and keep it simple HAHA.

I grew to really really love food this year. It started off with my mum bribing me to join her in the dark side where she really has cookies. She wanted me to get as hooked as she was with baking and so with 200 pesos on the line per batch, I dragged my lazy ass to the kitchen and promptly fell in love with Martha Stewart-ing. I first tried out baking with a batch of chocolate chip cookies right after I went for a jog in the morning. It felt really good and very grown-up-y. Since then, I've delved deeper into the baking/cooking world and have tried out a multitude of recipes ranging from simple chocolate chip cookies to Snickerdoodles, to cheesecakes and I have now settled with the art of making red velvet cupcakes hihi.

Our last dog was named Hansel and since he bit our maid back then, he was offered up to the people who lived under the massive tank back in our old village and that was the last we heard of him. This year however, we were blessed with not 1 but 2 members of the canine family!! Perry came to us back in January all shy and scared and now he's grown to be a big boy who has a knack of humping me whenever I'd come home from school. Katy joined us lately and our little hotdog dog is now so darn fierce she makes Perry look so wimpy hihi. The both of them just made us more keen and more sympathetic when it comes to animals hehe.
I fell in love with Pentatonix after John Nhoel gave me a link to their cover of We Are Young by Fun. Since then, I've obsessed over them and their video replay buttons have been raped already by moi. They've started me on my A Capella spree and Pitch Perfect only added fuel to the fire with their wonderfully done arrangements. Now, there is only one word for Pitch Perfect and that  is perfect! I know I've abused this word already in this post but I AM IN LOVE with this movie. Seriously!! This vacation alone, I've watched it about 8 times already since only yesterday I've watched it thrice. I can't get enough of it and I really wanna memorize all of the choreography HAHA. It's just so....clean and so....perfect. I hope they make a sequel as good as this!

This has also been a year of ZOMBIES!!! I went to all of the Outbreaks huhu and they were all so amazing. They served their purpose in keeping my zombie-loving spirit alive throughout the year. From the first one in Nuvali, to BGC and finally to Enchanted Kingdom. I hope Outbreak Manila has lots in store for 2013!!
ART UGH 2012 GAVE ME SO MANY CREATIVE JUICES!!! From the technical paintings that I had to do in school back in Sophomore year, to the abundance of eyes and unfinished faces and even to the surprisingly bloody and zombie-filled works that I had to for Junior year!! 

What can I say? 2012 has blessed me with such amazing people. People that I never want to part with ever huhuhu. Thanks for all the memories (even tho they werent so great hahahaha chos joke lang). EVERY MOMENT I HAD WITH YOU GUYS WAS AMAZING HUHU LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

This has been such a wonderful year that I'm afraid 2013 might not be able to top it. But alas, we shan't live in fear of the future! 2012 brought a ton of smiles to my face, heaps and heaps of good memories paired with laughter and it also brought me new friends that I wouldn't trade in for the world hehe what is cheesy. 

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